Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Tools

The two major forms management systems used by agents in the San Francisco area (Instanet and CAR ZipForm) both offer iPad compliant versions of the software that let's you fill in standard forms, e-mail them, and sign them electronically.  In a sure sign that demand for and adoption of this kind of technology is moving even faster, a new company has jumped into the market.  Not affiliated with any of the traditional real estate software provides, Autriv Inc. has introduced an app for the iPad that lets you fill out any form in PDF format, sign it without using a third-party signing software such as DocuSign, and store and e-mail the form.  The product is called "Sign My Pad" and sells on the Apple app store for $3.99.  An Atlanta-based real estate agent has posted a very good demo of the product on YouTube.

This app won't replace Instanet or ZipForm but it's a great additional tool that will work well for those documents and forms that aren't included in their libraries.

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