Friday, June 7, 2013

Protected Views?

Over and over again you'll hear the mantra that views are not protected when it comes to real estate in San Francisco.  If your fabulous view of San Francisco Bay from your living room window (for which you paid a premium when you bought the house) gets blocked by the neighbor across the street who legally adds an additional story to his house, you're out of luck.

But there is an exception.

As noted in the new listing for 827 De Haro Street, "The spectacular views north are protected by a recorded view easement restricting ht of neighbor's hm."

You get an idea why this is important from this Google Street view:

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Click here to see the MLS listing.

So, if you can strike a deal with your neighbor, the potential view blocker, you can protect your view.  Unfortunately, there's no indication as to how much that view easement cost.

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